The benefits of coconut wax

Many people assume our candles are made of soy wax, but coconut wax is so much better!!

We did a lot of research before ultimately choosing coconut wax for our candles. Many natural hand-poured candles use soy wax, but we found that the scent throw was not nearly as strong and the wax did not give the perfect finish we needed.  Although coconut wax is more expensive, it was worth it for us to pass on all those benefits to you! ​It's also the best for the environment (besides beeswax, which doesn't carry fragrance well) with sustainable practices in place to collect natural coconut wax. Even soy wax, which has been the preferred wax of boutique candle makers for years, has had some concerns raised recently, including deforestation in South America associated with an increase in soy demand. 

 ​Here are a few other reasons for coconut wax:

  • Coconut oil is sourced naturally
  • It burns slowly, evenly, and cleanly!
  • Has a great scent throw - by far the best in all of our testing. 
  • Deforestation practices associated with palm oil and, increasingly, soy oil does not exist with coconut oil (we will continue to research this and make sure that is still the case in the future).