Soirée Candles was born from a combination of a love of  beautiful fragrances and the need for an artistic outlet in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

Our Name

 Soirée comes from the French word for “evening”, evoking a sense of peace and relaxation when unwinding from a busy day. Whether it’s a night of self-care and wellness, or an intimate gathering with friends, Soirée Candles offers rousing aromas and an elegant sense of calmness that’s perfect for any evening.

Our Process

Soirée Candles follows the very simple, yet critical, principles of creating clean and environmentally-friendly products, especially when it comes to our fragrance oils and scents.  Our fragrances combine essential oils with other natural scents to produce rich aromas.  ​ While finding clean, non-toxic candles that are both beautiful and affordable was a challenge, we conducted extensive research before ultimately choosing coconut wax for our products. Many natural hand-poured candles use soy wax, but we discovered that the scent throw was not nearly as strong and the wax did not boast the perfect finish.   ​ It took countless hours of trial and error to perfect the process and what has resulted is the optimal burn rate and fragrance throw.  

Our Collections

​SOIRÉE COLLECTION: 10oz matte white jars that produce a lovely and elegant flame visible through the glass with personality types you would find at a party or "soirée" ​
 SOIRÉE @ THE BEACH: A special collection in colorful jars that focus on classic beach scents.  These candles come in large 14oz jars and feature sweet aromas including coconut, ylang ylang, vanilla, & lavender.