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Vanilla | Lavender | Eucalyptus


It's a stress-reliever for many! This scent is in honor of the woman who started it all... our founder's mom! As an avid knitter, she requested the scent of vanilla and lavender as a stress reliever that she associates with her knitting passion. With top notes of vanilla and lavender, these two scents combine well together to create a soothing environment. Base notes of eucalytpus ignites the brain's emotional powerhouse and bring this therapeutic scent together.


Scent Description:

Top notes: Vanilla

Middle notes: Lavender, rosemary

Base notes: Eucalyptus

Product Info:


• Unique matte white jar that shows candle flame through the glass
• Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.25"  
• Fill Weight: 7.5oz | 10oz jar
• Hand poured in California
• 100% natural coconut wax blend
• Unbleached cotton wicks
• 50+ hours of burn time

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